How to pronounce Gritchelle Fallesgon: Grit-Ch-Elle, Fall-is-gone.

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Gritchelle Fallesgon is a freelance designer, illustrator & photographer based in Portland, Oregon. A native to California, she lived in San Francisco for 11 years before heading up to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Gritchelle discovered the concept of graphic design when she began making fliers for basement punk shows at the coffee house she worked at in Stockton, California. The fliers were admittedly pretty terrible, but she found something she enjoyed doing and decided to pursue a degree & career in graphic design. Since then, she has worked with startups, design agencies and small businesses on creating, collaborating and art directing on delightful designs.

Between photography and design, Gritchelle can be found riding bikes or on some other kind of outdoor adventure.

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