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We rode over 22 miles up and down hills to collect food for the SF Food Bank. I didn't realize my bike was nearly broken till well after the race. Good times.
Supermarket Street Sweep Dec 2009

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I did the Supermarket Street Sweep, a bike race that benefits the San Francisco Food Bank. We went up and down the hills of SF from one supermarket to another, buying food for the food bank. We rode over 22 miles across the city and for me this was the most I've ever ridden here and the hardest. It was pretty rad riding through parts of the city I had never ridden through before. On a side note, my friends and I had gotten separated for a bit and apparently Chris & I could have taken a faster route to get to the market on Sloat, but it was actually kinda nice riding by the ocean for bit. Anyway, here are some snapshots from this pretty awesome event: Folks prepping and registering.

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Me tired, but elated that I made it before the deadline.