Curious HK

delivery bike

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of postings this past month. I spent the past month working on my portfolio, projects around the apartment and looking for work. I'm happy to say that I'm currently freelancing at a local design firm doing production work. So that's pretty rad right? Anyway, here are more photos from my trip to Hong Kong:Delivery Bike Perhaps it was due to the weather or the fact that HK city isn't exactly the most bike friendly city, but it was a rarity to see people riding bikes for commuting or for leisure. Most of the bikes I saw were definitely for delivering.

bicycle drying rack

Multi Functionional I saw this bike in the middle of Wan Chai market in front of a meat stand. When it's not being used to take (I'm assuming) meats or other food items, it's used as a drying rack. I love the fact that many of these bikes have laundry baskets or grocery baskets as their carrying case.

old propaganda

Cultural Revolution Propaganda Awesome vintage propaganda posters in the Cats Street Market in Sheung Wan.

a market of sorts

Cats Street Market A snap shot of shoppers and curious travelers in the market. This was my favorite market out of all the markets we wondered through in HK. Unlike the other markets that tended to sell cheap crap (cheap quality clothes, electronics and whatnots), Cat Street market had more interesting antiques and "junk" to pick through. Though, I must admit it was a little hard to figure out whether some of the items were legitimately vintage or reproductions. Nonetheless, it was still more intriguing than the others.

bowl of turtles

Remains You seriously don't know what your going to find during your travels. This plate of turtle shells tops my list of interesting and unusual finds.

Vintage HK

Vintage HK The only vintage clothing we could find. Cool stuff, but a little pricy– just like any other hip vintage shop.


Lights, Lights, Lights and Signs HK is definitely full of life and color at night.

quirky windows
nice type

Officina Slowear Loved the quirky design of this building and the stencil type.

If you want to see more, you know where to go.