new baby blue ride!

Well folks, I finally got a new bike! Woohoo! I didn't build it (like I originally wanted to) but I'm still pretty stoked. It rides pretty smoothly and it's oh-so light (in comparison to my old bike)! I walked into Box Dog Bikes to merely check out their track frames (they currently have a deal going on for last year's models) and somehow ended up buying this little beauty. The Fuji Feather happened to be #2 on my bike wish list (right after the Cinelli Gazzetta), so when I saw that there was a 49cm in baby blue, I just had to get it. While it's no Gazzetta, it's a more affordable option for the time being.


Even though I have a new bike, I have no plans to get rid of my Nishiki just yet... Though it's a tad too big (52cm) and a little on the heavy side, I plan to continue riding this bike for longer and hillier rides. As you can see, I just can't seem to get away from the blue & white color scheme :) Until I'm ready to buy or build a more efficient road bike I'm keeping the Nishiki around...

Bike adventure anyone?