Weekend: Roads

Down hill

Whoops! Didn't mean to skip yesterday's Photo Of The Day. Got busy and didn't have the chance to upload yesterday's shot (plus I couldn't decide on one). So here's yesterday's and today's. Turns out, I had a little theme going on: Roads. Down Hill, 1/21/12 // Digital

There was a break in the rain yesterday morning and I managed to get a bike ride in to the Headlands. However, after taking this shot and doing this descent, it of course started to rain. Haha. Anyway, back in December I had taken a similar photo via Instagram and it looks like one of the signs have changed. I hadn't even noticed until I compared the two photos...


Today on the other hand, it was pretty much cold and dreary, and it rained all morning: Flat, 1/22/12 // Digital

This was taken in Fremont during my short cool down ride after today's race. This area (Coyote Hills) looks pretty rad and am adding it to my explore list.