Cloudy Day

It was a cloudy day for a road race

Today I did a road race in Zamora, CA, a farming town outside of Sacramento (yeah, bet you never heard of this place either, riiight?) It was super cloudy in the A.M. and it sprinkled a bit, but luckily only during my warmup ride. Usually on race days it's hard for me to take any photos (I always want to, but obviously it's not a priority), but I arrived pretty early and manage to snap a couple shots of the clouds this morning: 3/18/12 // Instagram

Clouds // Powerlines

3/18/12 // Instagram For some reason I use to be obsessed with power lines, especially ones out in the country, so I of course had to take this. This particular photo reminds me of an intaglio print I did many years ago (I'm going to have to dig that up and compare the two.)