Adventures in Hand Lettering - Follow along!

Tackling 100 days of hand lettering once again this spring. Last year I only made it to day 30 or so. I learned a lot about my process last year and hope to not make the same mistakes. This time around, the lettering will be more illustrative and experimental yet, simple. So far I'm pretty excited with the stuff I've been messing around with! I've set up a separate Instagram for my lettering adventures, you can check it out at: 


Here's a mask I made for last night's AIGA SF Fall Gala, Mask Appeal. I've been slightly obsessed with drawing and cutting out petals (if you haven't noticed), so it was only natural that I would do the same for this little project.


Cut & Paste: Security Envelopes

Finally did something with that stack of security envelopes.

I was suppose to go on a long bike ride today, but it was foggy and a little rainy (wtf, rain in September?) so I stayed in and did this instead. Crappy weather calls for crafty times. I busted out the 'ol x-acto knife and a glue stick, and finally got around to doing something about a small stack of security envelopes I've been collecting.

SF-London Film Swap

London-SF Film Swap

Here are some photos from a film swap I took part in organized by the SF Toy Camera Meetup Group. I got a roll shot by a fellow named Nico and used my Holga 135 to take my exposures. Some of my favorite shots were the ones I took of people exposed over the textured scenes from London.

London-SF Film Swap
London-SF Film Swap

I totally lucked out with this one. I love that the dancers (from a "flash" dance mob in Union Sq) are layered on top of a lake with tiny people walking along the water.

London-SF Film Swap
---London-SF Film Swap

I love these a lot too, but I wish the scans turned out better. Meh.

London-SF Film Swap

The randomness of our shots seemed to work well together.

London-SF Film Swap

Many of Nico's exposures were of a fair of some sort which was exciting to see, but bummed me a bit since I wasn't there and that the photos weren't taken by me. WaahWaah! (j/k)

London-SF Film Swap

If you wanna see more and what other members from the group did, check 'em out on Flickr.

P.S. If there's a someone with the 120 roll I originally shot and sent over to London, I would love to see them!

Munny Party

where to start?

I love art parties, I wish went to more of them. I'd rather be creative and drunk, surrounded by markers, paint and fabric; rather than bored and drunk at a party. My friend threw a Munnys and Manhattans birthday party last weekend which was pretty awesome. The objective of the evening (aside from having fun) was to draw someone's name out of a hat and create a Munny of the person you picked. At the end of the night we had to guess who was who. It obviously helped to not mention who you picked, but that turned out to be little hard for some of us ;) My blank Munny doll.

me and my muse

Me and my muse. He had no clue I was creating a mini version of him.

m.h. by yours truly

The finished piece. Matt seemed pretty stoked. Though you can't seem 'em I included his tattoos which I think adds a nice personal touch.

a table full of munnies

The evening's result.

s.y.'s blank munny
miz amy

Sam's start and Amy with mini Amy.

he hearts bikes

Mini Rob!

tiny hat

Tiny hat!

yellow polka dot bikini

Aimee's yellow polka dot bikini cutie. She let me have this goodie!

what a pair

Friends forever!

See more snapshots on Flickr