Sunday Rides

Morning Ride (w/ my teammate)

Morning Ride (w/ my teammate) We meant to go on a short and flat ride, but since the sun decided to shine we extended our ride a bit to include some hills and lovely views.

Afternoon Ride (solo)

Afternoon Ride (solo) Later I hopped on my other bike and explored the park for cherry blossoms. Luckily for me, I found a bunch in full bloom. Wee.

Living Room // Bike

Living Room // Bike

Feb 2011 // Digital

Here's another taken from last year. I've been pretty busy the past few weeks, so it's been a little tough to take an actual photo every day. Luckily, I have a huge back log of photos that have yet to see the light of day. I must say, I have a ton of respect for those who can manage a 365 project, some day I'll actually attempt it, but for now my current project works for me.

Along the Bay Trail

Afternoon Ride Along The Bay

3/10/12 // Digital

Had a super fun afternoon with some designer/creative pals biking part of the Bay Trail in San Mateo. It was great doing a slow and mellow ride on flats for once, especially someplace different. While there was six of us on bikes, little Asture there in the middle seemed to be having a blast running along side of us, whatta trooper! More pix to come, promise!


Today I had lunch with my good friend Mary, a talented illustrator and artist. She showed up with her bicycle and patiently let me take a bunch of photos of her. I adore the color of her jacket! I can't rock the hot pink, but Mary can! As you can see I couldn't decide on just one photo for today:M.M. 02/01/12 // Digital




More Spoke Cards

Here's another spoke card design I did for Bike to Work Day but didn't make the cut. This design also included a version that was yellow and blue with a bike that had a top tube and flat handle bars.SpokeCards_PinkGreen

Later, I revisited the design and simplified the colors just a bit: SpokeCards_Blue

The bike has also been swapped, but any bike could work. On a side note, I used Kim's bike as a base for most of the bikes seen on the e-cards and the other spokes cards.

This one features a silhouette that closely resembles my bike ;) bikes

Spoke Cards!


In addition to designing ecards, the Bike From Work Party flyer and other design & production duties for Bike to Work Day, I also got to design a set of spoke cards for the big day. The spoke cards were given away for free as part of the swag found in the Bike to Work Day tote.


I presented a couple of different design ideas and this was winning design. Aside from red-magenta/yellow combo, the spoke cards also came in three other colors combos: Fun stuff. This was definitely one of my favorite pieces to work on. I loved the idea of showing a variety of bikes, rather than just one kind. Just as there are many different types of jobs people have, there are also many different types of bikes people ride. As long as people are riding bikes for everyday commuting, in the end it really doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride, as long as you just ride.

Bike to Work Day Ecards!

I had the awesome opportunity to "intern" with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and design a few pieces for Bike to Work Day! Yay. I was excited to do design that not only involved bicycles, but also for a non-profit working hard to make SF a much safer place to ride. It's pretty rad to do creative work for organizations who are making positive changes in the world. Anyway, here are three Ecards I did for them. These are currently live, so send a reminder that special someone, or even to yourself, that Bike to Work Day is this Thursday, May 12th, 2011!

It doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride, just ride
Hop On Your Bike & Ride to Work
Spin Your Wheels, Bike to Work!

Stay tuned for more BTWD designs!

2010 Favorites: Cycling

to pacifica i go!

For some reason this year, cycling has become one of the most important aspects of my life. I've graduated from just using a bike for commuting around the city and entered the world of 30-50 mile weekend bike rides, climbing hills (for fun), riding for fitness, carbon road bikes, and (gasp!) lycra and cycling jerseys. Maybe I needed something new to focus on this year since college and homework is a thing of the past and now all of the sudden I had all this free time to, you know, have fun and be active. Whatever the case, I'm loving this new aspect of cycling and will only continue to push myself even further.

empty road, lone surfer
pacifica bike path

Below are snapshots from rides this year: To Pacifica we go! Shot with a disposable camera. This was our first attempt to Pacifica, which turned out to be 35 miles round trip and had one of the biggest hills I've climbed so far. We did this via single speed and soon after decided it was time to invest in a more efficient ride...

awesome riding day

Pacifica part 2! This time with gears!


The beach you see off the One.

onto the larkspur path

Larkspur Path after finishing Paradise Loop in Marin County. 50 miles round trip. My first half century!  Crappy photo taken with my (old) iPhone.

Ice cream break in Tiburon!

awesome spoke card

Spoke card from this year's Supermarket Street Sweep. This year's card featured the various portraits taken at last year's event. One of the volunteers recognized me and gave me the card with my photo on it! Yay.

As for the race itself, I barely took any photos for this course proved to be tougher and hiller than last year. 30 miles around SF with the first check point being in Daly City. Craziness. Needless to say, I spent my time hustling up hills rather than taking pictures.


Photo by Rob Villanueva Dry Creek Loop/wine country ride from earlier this year. A fantastic day of easy biking through Healdsburg, wine and friends.


Bike pile at one of the wineries.

mini makeover

mini make over

I got new handlebars for my single speed:

new handle bars

I love the change and hardly miss the drops. The only significant difference is that since the bars are slightly wider, it's a little tricker squeezing in between traffic. Otherwise, it's a far more comfortable ride now.