Fun with bleach paint!

Since I'm still waiting on a team kit for my new bike team, I made this rad shirt for my last short-track race of the season! 

Group shot of the team and the only full view of the shirt. Photo by  Victor Dong . 

Group shot of the team and the only full view of the shirt. Photo by Victor Dong

My teammate and I with our winnings! I finished 2nd overall in the series, right behind my amazing teammate Taylor (who happens to be a graphic designer as well).

My teammate and I with our winnings! I finished 2nd overall in the series, right behind my amazing teammate Taylor (who happens to be a graphic designer as well).

Adventures in Hand Lettering - Follow along!

Tackling 100 days of hand lettering once again this spring. Last year I only made it to day 30 or so. I learned a lot about my process last year and hope to not make the same mistakes. This time around, the lettering will be more illustrative and experimental yet, simple. So far I'm pretty excited with the stuff I've been messing around with! I've set up a separate Instagram for my lettering adventures, you can check it out at: 

Sneak Peek: HC Hooligans Cycling Kit

I was recently commissioned to design a cycling kit for a mountain bike team based in Michigan. I'm still waiting to get my hands on the kit to photograph it. In the meantime here's a little peek of the design!

The team doesn't have a dedicated logo, so I made one for this kit. The HC in HC Hooligans stands for Hors Categorie, which is a french term for a climb so difficult, it can't be classified. Tackling a difficult climb is one of my favorite things to do on the bike, so I had a lot of fun with this design. The pop of red was added to represent a rider's heart-rate redlining during a tough ride.

Recent Work: Happy Hour Poster

Here's a poster I did for last night's DAI Alumni Night happy hour. It was fun catching up with 'ol college chums as well meeting alumni from other graduating classes. 


A Wedding Invite

I recently had the pleasure of designing an invitation for a vintage-inspired wedding: The bride & groom loved the design and I was more than happy to do this for them.


These are two other variations of the invite. While they were not chosen, I was still happy with the outcome and thought I'd share them.

Design & Illustration Projects for Lumos Labs

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work with the wonderful team at Lumos Labs doing design workfor the marketing department. Lumos Labs is the creator of, a leading brain training website. Here are some of my favorite pieces I did for them.


Men vs. Women: Who's Smarter? Used for a blog article on the subject of who's smarter amongst Lumosity users, men or women? The pattern in the background features cogs, and game icons from the games used in the study.


The Human Cognition Project is a network of scientists from top neuroscience programs around the world using Lumosity as a research platform. This was used in a blog article as well.


Icons used for email marketing.

And last, but not least an infographic! Wee. Please click to see the bigger version.

More Spoke Cards

Here's another spoke card design I did for Bike to Work Day but didn't make the cut. This design also included a version that was yellow and blue with a bike that had a top tube and flat handle bars.SpokeCards_PinkGreen

Later, I revisited the design and simplified the colors just a bit: SpokeCards_Blue

The bike has also been swapped, but any bike could work. On a side note, I used Kim's bike as a base for most of the bikes seen on the e-cards and the other spokes cards.

This one features a silhouette that closely resembles my bike ;) bikes

Spoke Cards!


In addition to designing ecards, the Bike From Work Party flyer and other design & production duties for Bike to Work Day, I also got to design a set of spoke cards for the big day. The spoke cards were given away for free as part of the swag found in the Bike to Work Day tote.


I presented a couple of different design ideas and this was winning design. Aside from red-magenta/yellow combo, the spoke cards also came in three other colors combos: Fun stuff. This was definitely one of my favorite pieces to work on. I loved the idea of showing a variety of bikes, rather than just one kind. Just as there are many different types of jobs people have, there are also many different types of bikes people ride. As long as people are riding bikes for everyday commuting, in the end it really doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride, as long as you just ride.

Bike to Work Day Ecards!

I had the awesome opportunity to "intern" with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and design a few pieces for Bike to Work Day! Yay. I was excited to do design that not only involved bicycles, but also for a non-profit working hard to make SF a much safer place to ride. It's pretty rad to do creative work for organizations who are making positive changes in the world. Anyway, here are three Ecards I did for them. These are currently live, so send a reminder that special someone, or even to yourself, that Bike to Work Day is this Thursday, May 12th, 2011!

It doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride, just ride
Hop On Your Bike & Ride to Work
Spin Your Wheels, Bike to Work!

Stay tuned for more BTWD designs!