Palm Springs Sneak Peek


This weekend my friends and I did a ladies trip to Palm Spring! It was an awesome three days of spending time with some of my favorite people in one of the hottest places in California. While I've lived in California my whole life, this was my first trip to the desert, and I gotta say, it was a ton of fun! Here are my Instagram photos from the trip. My camera photos will hopefully be ready soon :) A giant t-rex in Cabazon

Del Marcos

The Del Marcos, one of the best places ever!

In love with this hotel!

A snapshot from our room.

Road Side Attractions

The ladies

A day in the desert

The desert

Lets explore...


2/2012 // Digital

Taken a few backs on a trip to the Sonoma Coast. Bummed to have missed the past three Photo of The Days, but I've been quite busy. Anyway, it's a new week and I'll be sure not to skip out this time. Also be sure to check back in few days for my monthly photo project 3x2!

HK Street Art

start from zero

Well folks, this'll be my last batch of photos from HK. One of my favorite things to look for on my travels is street art. Not so much graffiti murals or blow ups (unless it's in a style that I like) but more of stickers, stencil art and wheat pasted posters. In a city that embodies mass commercialism and wealth, I find it refreshing to discover an ally or wall filled with art that represents the opposite. Here are some of my favorite pieces: These pieces, along with a few others below were done by Start From Zero.

hk street art
hk street art
hk street art

Far left: Start from Zero, Middle: Graphicairlines, Right: Unknow

This one on the left is done by Graphicairlines. It was awesome to spot their art in other parts of the city. I'm not sure who does the piece on the right, but she was everywhere.

Urban Escapes

Kowloon Walled City Park

When your in the middle of HK city and just need some peace and quite, pay a visit to Kowloon Walled City Park or the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Gardens. Both of which were my absolute favorite places in HK.

Kowloon Walled City Park
quiet time in the city
monkey seat, monkey doo

Outer HK

Cheung Chau Island

If you visit HK and have the time, you've got to get out of the city and visit one of the outlying islands and maybe even Macau. One island we decided to visit was Cheung Chau, and it was undoubtedly the best part of my trip to HK. If you need to get away from commercialism and towering skyscrapers of the city, visit Cheung Chau! The main modes of transportation on this mellow fishermans village are boats and bikes! How awesome is that?

A little rusty, but they still ride
one of the only cars on the island

One of the few cars on the island was made out paper mache. In actuality, this piece was part of some kind of memorial service.

Cheung Chau Island

More lanterns for Chinese New Year.

old taipa village

Another place possibly worth visiting is the Old Taipa Village in Macau. Macau was once a Portuguese colony, so there's a lot old architecture that reflects that. Old Taipa Village is like stepping in a completely different part of time and place. It's nothing like Hong Kong at all. I should note that while Old Taipa Village is pretty rad in terms of seeing older architecture, most of Macau is like the Las Vegas of China. In the midst of casinos, there lies some history and quirkiness.

We stumbled upon a park with these cool arrow stepping stones and a free fitness area. Who needs a gym, when you have the park?

old taipa village

A snap shot of one of the more colorful buildings in the area.

A lucky cup of coffee anyone?

If you wanna see more shots, you know where to go.

Curious HK

delivery bike

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of postings this past month. I spent the past month working on my portfolio, projects around the apartment and looking for work. I'm happy to say that I'm currently freelancing at a local design firm doing production work. So that's pretty rad right? Anyway, here are more photos from my trip to Hong Kong:Delivery Bike Perhaps it was due to the weather or the fact that HK city isn't exactly the most bike friendly city, but it was a rarity to see people riding bikes for commuting or for leisure. Most of the bikes I saw were definitely for delivering.

bicycle drying rack

Multi Functionional I saw this bike in the middle of Wan Chai market in front of a meat stand. When it's not being used to take (I'm assuming) meats or other food items, it's used as a drying rack. I love the fact that many of these bikes have laundry baskets or grocery baskets as their carrying case.

old propaganda

Cultural Revolution Propaganda Awesome vintage propaganda posters in the Cats Street Market in Sheung Wan.

a market of sorts

Cats Street Market A snap shot of shoppers and curious travelers in the market. This was my favorite market out of all the markets we wondered through in HK. Unlike the other markets that tended to sell cheap crap (cheap quality clothes, electronics and whatnots), Cat Street market had more interesting antiques and "junk" to pick through. Though, I must admit it was a little hard to figure out whether some of the items were legitimately vintage or reproductions. Nonetheless, it was still more intriguing than the others.

bowl of turtles

Remains You seriously don't know what your going to find during your travels. This plate of turtle shells tops my list of interesting and unusual finds.

Vintage HK

Vintage HK The only vintage clothing we could find. Cool stuff, but a little pricy– just like any other hip vintage shop.


Lights, Lights, Lights and Signs HK is definitely full of life and color at night.

quirky windows
nice type

Officina Slowear Loved the quirky design of this building and the stencil type.

If you want to see more, you know where to go.