Summer 2011

It's a little over due, but with SF experiencing pretty awesome weather at the moment, it's kind of hard to admit summer is over. Anyway, in no particular order, here's a recap of my summer fun, wee!

01. Camped along a river 02. Camped in the forest 03. Drove and walked thru giant, old trees 04. Saw a lot of bears 05. Did the Napa Grand Fondo and biked over 60 miles! 06. Went bike camping and met some awesome folks, like this guy 07. Bike a bunch with my favorite fella 08. Kept to the right 09. Swam in my favorite swimming hole and discovered new ones 10. Soaked some sun (and fog) along the coast 11. Biked some pretty tough hills 12. Survived Tough Mudder 13. Partied at Landor during Design Week 14. Attended one of the best weddings ever 15. My favorite NY'ers came to visit 16. Drank a lot of coffee with K.R. 17. Went on a photo adventure with Lisa, wee! 18. Had a Polaroid adventure with Josh, yay! 19. Stayed at a cute "resort" which was really a fancy trailer park 20. Did lots of crafting

Bike to Work Day Ecards!

I had the awesome opportunity to "intern" with the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition and design a few pieces for Bike to Work Day! Yay. I was excited to do design that not only involved bicycles, but also for a non-profit working hard to make SF a much safer place to ride. It's pretty rad to do creative work for organizations who are making positive changes in the world. Anyway, here are three Ecards I did for them. These are currently live, so send a reminder that special someone, or even to yourself, that Bike to Work Day is this Thursday, May 12th, 2011!

It doesn't matter what kind of bike you ride, just ride
Hop On Your Bike & Ride to Work
Spin Your Wheels, Bike to Work!

Stay tuned for more BTWD designs!