Munny Party

where to start?

I love art parties, I wish went to more of them. I'd rather be creative and drunk, surrounded by markers, paint and fabric; rather than bored and drunk at a party. My friend threw a Munnys and Manhattans birthday party last weekend which was pretty awesome. The objective of the evening (aside from having fun) was to draw someone's name out of a hat and create a Munny of the person you picked. At the end of the night we had to guess who was who. It obviously helped to not mention who you picked, but that turned out to be little hard for some of us ;) My blank Munny doll.

me and my muse

Me and my muse. He had no clue I was creating a mini version of him.

m.h. by yours truly

The finished piece. Matt seemed pretty stoked. Though you can't seem 'em I included his tattoos which I think adds a nice personal touch.

a table full of munnies

The evening's result.

s.y.'s blank munny
miz amy

Sam's start and Amy with mini Amy.

he hearts bikes

Mini Rob!

tiny hat

Tiny hat!

yellow polka dot bikini

Aimee's yellow polka dot bikini cutie. She let me have this goodie!

what a pair

Friends forever!

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