Today I had lunch with my good friend Mary, a talented illustrator and artist. She showed up with her bicycle and patiently let me take a bunch of photos of her. I adore the color of her jacket! I can't rock the hot pink, but Mary can! As you can see I couldn't decide on just one photo for today:M.M. 02/01/12 // Digital




Terrarium Party!

Succulent Terrarium

Here's a little terrarium I made at Kim's terrarium party recently: Cute right? ;) Since I didn't have time to buy a little clear vase or a glass bowl, I used a little jar I found in my kitchen instead.

Pieces of Driftwood

One of the guys who came (whose name I don't remember, boo on me) brought a bag full of driftwood he had been collecting, perfect for the evening!

Left: Store Bought, Right: Home Grown

Hillary bought a bunch of cute succulents from a gardening store (left), while I picked some from my stoop garden (right).

Kim Makes a Terrarium

Here's Kim working a pair of chopsticks like magic.

Flint Stones Inspired // Hillary

Left: One of Kim's terrariums, which reminded us of the Flint Stones, mostly because of the little dino head shaped driftwood. Right: Hillary and the worktable.

Designer Friends

Designer Fwendz is a new segment (uhh like I have segments, haha) spotlighting friends doing awesome design/creative work. East Bay's Seventh Plague has recently been doing a semi-daily project called "Reflections", a series of designs inspired by his music collection. I've been meaning to do something similar myself but just never have the time to do so, so I was excited when I found out he was doing this.

Here are some of my favorite pieces:

Black Rainbows

I love his choice of imagery and the simplicity in much of his work. Check out his Flickr to see more.

An Afternoon with Wedding Photographers

picture takers

Back in April (yeah, I know this is so late) I hung out with my buddy Josh and his friend Matthias. Both Josh and Matthias are super talented and amazing wedding photographers (Josh shot my wedding back in 08!), so it was an absolute pleasure being around such talent and learning new photo tricks. So what do wedding photographers do on their days off? They go on photo adventures and take pictures (duh)! Here are some snapshots from our afternoon in the Dog Patch.

showin' off his guns
walkin' on walls

See more shots on Flickr



Aside from working on my print portfolio, I've been helping out friends with screen printing projects: These bandanas are for my friends bowling team, Bowltron. Bowltron is part of the punk rock bowling league here in SF and plan to go to the big Punk Rock Bowling Tournament in Las Vegas. It should be fun times.

good krama
good krama

These are test prints for Good Krama, a local apparel company that my neighbor co-owns. Good Krama sells beautiful handmade krama scarves and proceeds go to helping communities and needy children in Cambodia. To purchase a scarf or to learn more about them, check out their site:

Wolf Types

a little smile from the wolf

A long while ago, Johnny's friend made him a wolf hat: The hat was handmade and well constructed. It inspired my costume for Halloween, but that's another story. The hat could almost blend well with his beard if his beard had more of a salt and pepper color going on. Maybe 30 years ;) Johnny also showed off his "latest" find, a vintage Olivetti Underwood type writer.


I love the red key against the black and aqua-teal.

dearest christine

See a few more shots.