Crafty Times

I made a squirrel for my boo.

Some snapshots from the Etsy Craft Party: I made this squirrel for my dude. It's soooooo cute!

Cut it up

Some scissors from the Go Go Craft table.

Getting plushie.

I pretty much hung out at the Go Go Craft table all evening making these little guys. Turns out working with felt and making a little stuff animals is easy and fun.

ShastaBlasta & Moi

Shasta and I with our tiny creatives.


Sam with a delicious cake ball.

Pies in Jars!

Pies in Jars from the bake sale benefitting Kelly Malone of Workshop. I meant to buy on these but on my way to get cash, I got distracted and started crafting instead. By the time I remembered to go back, they were all gone of course. Ahhhh, next time.

Misfits plushie & Jeremy

Lastly, here's a photo of Jeremy with his awesome Misfits plushie. It was impressive to watch him sew multiple pieces in a short of time.