3x2 | Sweets

3x2 | Sweets!

So excited about this month's 3x2! You can probably imagine how much fun we had shooting and munching on this month's theme. Yumz! Left: Gritchelle // Right: Elisabeth Arin In case you're wondering, my top left photo is of heart-shaped macaroons a co-worker baked!

3x2 is a monthly photo project with Elisabeth Arin Photography. Every month we'll shoot photos based on a particular theme and present them side by side. We’ll be posting 3×2 at the end of every month.



2/14/12 // Digital

In honor of VD (heh) the office was filled with delicious treats. Here's one of my favorite food shots from today: yummy shortbread cookies infused with orange blossom, made by my art director and his wife. Nom noms!

drool some

Pecan Pinecone!

This Pecan Pinecone is probably the best looking dish I've ever made. Tasty and crazy easy, it makes for a simple fall/winter appetizer. In addition to a Ham from Whole Foods, this was my contribution for Thanksgiving Dinner. Make it yourself: http://verfoodie.blogspot.com/2009/11/pine-cone-appetizer.html

Hanger Steak with Mash Potatoes

Mmm, Hanger Steak special from Park Chow in the Inner Sunset. After a day of biking for 40 miles and watching a cyclocross race in GGPark, this was an answer to my grumbling stomach.

Pomegranate Infused Vodka

Last but not least, infused vodkas! Infusing your own vodka is probably one of the easiest things you can do yourself. A friend gave us a jar of vodka and told us to infuse it with whatever we wanted for his party. Being fall and all, we choose pomegranate as our weapon of choice:

Infused Vodkas

In addition to pomegranate, there were other interesting flavors people chose to infuse, including rosemary, vanilla, black pepper, black tea and even garlic. My two favorites were rosemary and black tea. Surprisingly, the garlic flavor wasn't that bad, but it's pungent smell made it not so appealing.

Absolutely Tasty

Roberta's fried chicken

Some of my favorite food pix taken in NY. One of the best parts of traveling is trying out new restaurants and discovering delicious food.Brunch at Roberta's (in Brooklyn): Fried chicken, buttermilk bib and honey butter. This is probably the best fried chicken I've had so far. It beats Little Skillet. It was seasoned just right (both inside and out), the skin was perfectly crunchy and it was crazy juicy on the inside. The bibb (grown in their own garden) complemented the chicken oh so nicely. I loved that the dish was just fried chicken and lettuce, so simple, yet so good.

Drinks at Hotel Delmano
Meat Plate
Cheese Plate

Drinks & Appetizers at the Hotel Delmano (Brooklyn) I don't remember the name of the drink above, but I know it had a smokey flavor to it. Everything on the meat and cheese plates tasted just as they looked: GOOD.

Good Morning Dog!

Good Morning Dog from Crif Dogs (East Village) My first hot dog with a fried egg. Actually my first dish with a fried egg that wasn't breakfast or Asian food related. This and their Chihuahua Dog were CRAZY good. What I liked about the two was even though it seems like there's a lot going on with the egg, cheese and bacon (or in the Chihuahua's case, avocado, sour cream and bacon), you can still actually taste the hotdog and every other ingredient was still tasty but not over powering. Now I've had my share of bacon wrapped dogs over the past few years and this is seriously the best. Maybe it was my beer filled stomach that was doing the thinking, but it's definitely better than the hotdog cart in the Mission or anything from What's Up Dog.

Hmm. Now I'm hungry ;)


Sorry for the lack of posts, I've been pretty busy! But I'll do my best to keep this blog going. Stay tuned for pictures, design updates and other shenanigans.

In the mean time feel free to drool over these cupcakes I baked for a friend's birthday recently:

Strawberry and Blueberry Cupcakes