DIY Headboard!

DIY Headboard

Two years ago, after being inspired by a ReadyMade project, Chris and I decided to make a headboard from an old door. We headed to Building REsources here in SF and scored an old used door in good condition for a mere $15.00. Chris sanded off all the old paint and afterwards we stained it together to bring out it's natural wood finish. (I wish I had a before picture!) Fast forward to 2009: We finally got around to adding a little color to the headboard, check it out:

DIY Headboard

Fun stuff right? I totally love it and it brings a nice touch of subtle color into the room.


Here's the process: Turn over the headboard and wipe off any dust.


Apply blue painters tape along edges and newspapers.


Apply paint.


Let it drip.


Allow it to dry.


Review the piece.

We thought this was pretty cool start, but felt it needed just a little more color.


So we did a little color mixing and applied a light green color over the dark green.


Once it was completely dry, we wiped off any excess dust before applying an antique wax finish. When we did this, thicker parts of the paint chipped off, giving us texture that added to the overall aesthetic.


Next we turned the headboard right side up to apply 3 coats of the antique wax (let wax dry at least an hour between coats)


Here's a trick from ReadyMade: placing a thick rubber band over the opening can help wipe off excess wax/paint/liquid from the foam brush.

DIY Headboard

Finished product. For under $50.00 (or so), we made this pretty awesome headboard.