SF-London Film Swap

London-SF Film Swap

Here are some photos from a film swap I took part in organized by the SF Toy Camera Meetup Group. I got a roll shot by a fellow named Nico and used my Holga 135 to take my exposures. Some of my favorite shots were the ones I took of people exposed over the textured scenes from London.

London-SF Film Swap
London-SF Film Swap

I totally lucked out with this one. I love that the dancers (from a "flash" dance mob in Union Sq) are layered on top of a lake with tiny people walking along the water.

London-SF Film Swap
---London-SF Film Swap

I love these a lot too, but I wish the scans turned out better. Meh.

London-SF Film Swap

The randomness of our shots seemed to work well together.

London-SF Film Swap

Many of Nico's exposures were of a fair of some sort which was exciting to see, but bummed me a bit since I wasn't there and that the photos weren't taken by me. WaahWaah! (j/k)

London-SF Film Swap

If you wanna see more and what other members from the group did, check 'em out on Flickr.

P.S. If there's a someone with the 120 roll I originally shot and sent over to London, I would love to see them!

Purple TIM

Meet Holga TIM

Meet my new buddy Holga TIM (Twin Image Maker). I recently won this purple gem at a Toy Camera Meetup and couldn't be more stoked (I never win raffles!) Not only does this guy come with smiles and color flash filters, but it takes two images in one frame and has a multiple exposure button. Fun stuff!


Such a cute and clever little camera. How can you not love the lens's eyelids and the single tooth as the aperture control?


Here are couple of shots from my test roll using expired Kodak Ektachrome 160t film.


Most of my shots turned out really blurry due to the low ISO (which could be ok if you're into that), but whatevs, I'm just having fun with this new toy.

bikes bikes bikes!

We rode over 22 miles up and down hills to collect food for the SF Food Bank. I didn't realize my bike was nearly broken till well after the race. Good times.
Supermarket Street Sweep Dec 2009

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I did the Supermarket Street Sweep, a bike race that benefits the San Francisco Food Bank. We went up and down the hills of SF from one supermarket to another, buying food for the food bank. We rode over 22 miles across the city and for me this was the most I've ever ridden here and the hardest. It was pretty rad riding through parts of the city I had never ridden through before. On a side note, my friends and I had gotten separated for a bit and apparently Chris & I could have taken a faster route to get to the market on Sloat, but it was actually kinda nice riding by the ocean for bit. Anyway, here are some snapshots from this pretty awesome event: Folks prepping and registering.

rider #65

That's me :)



connie in the morning



Matt matt


Bikes bikes bikes

market & geary

Waiting for the light.


Me tired, but elated that I made it before the deadline.


top of the hill

is one of my all time favorite people to photograph. He's an aspiring film maker who is a natural both behind and in front of the lens.

corona heights

On a walk through Buena Vista Park one afternoon, we discovered Corona Heights Park, a hill with amazing views of the city, which neither of us had ever been too.

double j

see a few more

Kompakt Horizon Pt 3

Breakfast at Sparky's

Ok, so I think I've fallen in love with this camera. It'll be bummer to have to give it back, but I suppose I'll save money on not having to develop film for a while... Besides, I think my other cameras are feeling neglected. Thanks again Alexis! Sparky's



Fell and Van Ness

Fell and Van Ness

5th Ave & Geary Blvd

5th Ave & Geary Blvd