Outer HK

Cheung Chau Island

If you visit HK and have the time, you've got to get out of the city and visit one of the outlying islands and maybe even Macau. One island we decided to visit was Cheung Chau, and it was undoubtedly the best part of my trip to HK. If you need to get away from commercialism and towering skyscrapers of the city, visit Cheung Chau! The main modes of transportation on this mellow fishermans village are boats and bikes! How awesome is that?

A little rusty, but they still ride
one of the only cars on the island

One of the few cars on the island was made out paper mache. In actuality, this piece was part of some kind of memorial service.

Cheung Chau Island

More lanterns for Chinese New Year.

old taipa village

Another place possibly worth visiting is the Old Taipa Village in Macau. Macau was once a Portuguese colony, so there's a lot old architecture that reflects that. Old Taipa Village is like stepping in a completely different part of time and place. It's nothing like Hong Kong at all. I should note that while Old Taipa Village is pretty rad in terms of seeing older architecture, most of Macau is like the Las Vegas of China. In the midst of casinos, there lies some history and quirkiness.

We stumbled upon a park with these cool arrow stepping stones and a free fitness area. Who needs a gym, when you have the park?

old taipa village

A snap shot of one of the more colorful buildings in the area.

A lucky cup of coffee anyone?

If you wanna see more shots, you know where to go.