top of the hill

is one of my all time favorite people to photograph. He's an aspiring film maker who is a natural both behind and in front of the lens.

corona heights

On a walk through Buena Vista Park one afternoon, we discovered Corona Heights Park, a hill with amazing views of the city, which neither of us had ever been too.

double j

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Adventures with Mike: San Bruno

a walk in the burbs

Last year my friend Mike took me on a little walking adventure in San Bruno, CA, a little city just a few BART stops away from SF. I've been living in the Bay Area for 5 years now, but had never step foot in San Bruno, nor ever thought about going there until Mike suggested it one day. Here are some photos from our sunny afternoon exploring San Bruno by foot: Mike, an explorer of sorts. A walk through a little quaint neighborhood.


Transmitting waves.

melaka restaurant

Awesome vintage architecture from the 50/60's.

Eichen's Lighting

Mid-century style signage and typography.

hrmm i can't seem to see out of my glasses

We came across a party supply shop and bought these silly "nerd"glasses.


More great vintage signage and typography. You might have notice from previous posts, that I'm a fan of vintage type.


Mike and his balancing act.

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