Photoworks 5

One of my polaroids was selected to be in the newest Photoworks zine! Curated by Everydaydude, the zine is filled with beautiful and awesome photos that were pulled from the "Friends of Photoworks" Flickr group. I'm super flattered to have a photo in this zine! Check it out and get your copy at Photoworks! And while you're there, buy some film from them too!


Ever since I got to shoot with Josh's old polaroid, I've been hooked and dusted the one I had sitting on my book shelf. I bought a Polaroid Colorpack IV, Land Camera at a sidewalk sale a few years back, but it was around the time Polaroid stopped producing film, so I placed it on my shelf and just kind of forgot about it. I wasn't even sure if it worked or not. Turns out it does! And because of Josh, I discovered Fuji makes instant film (FP-100c) that works for these old cameras. Wee! ocean beach