One more day of summer!


Cold, crisp temperatures and rainy weather have arrived and it definitely feels like Fall. But last week SF got to enjoy one more gorgeous day of warmth and sunshine, perfect for the The Rip Curl Pro Search surfing contest! I only had my iPhone and a Polaroid on me, so I couldn't get any actually shots of the surfers, but I got a couple of shots of the scene:

Ocean Beach

The water is normally freezing, but it actually felt quite nice to wade in it for a bit...

bikes bikes bikes!

We rode over 22 miles up and down hills to collect food for the SF Food Bank. I didn't realize my bike was nearly broken till well after the race. Good times.
Supermarket Street Sweep Dec 2009

A couple of weeks ago some friends and I did the Supermarket Street Sweep, a bike race that benefits the San Francisco Food Bank. We went up and down the hills of SF from one supermarket to another, buying food for the food bank. We rode over 22 miles across the city and for me this was the most I've ever ridden here and the hardest. It was pretty rad riding through parts of the city I had never ridden through before. On a side note, my friends and I had gotten separated for a bit and apparently Chris & I could have taken a faster route to get to the market on Sloat, but it was actually kinda nice riding by the ocean for bit. Anyway, here are some snapshots from this pretty awesome event: Folks prepping and registering.

rider #65

That's me :)



connie in the morning



Matt matt


Bikes bikes bikes

market & geary

Waiting for the light.


Me tired, but elated that I made it before the deadline.


top of the hill

is one of my all time favorite people to photograph. He's an aspiring film maker who is a natural both behind and in front of the lens.

corona heights

On a walk through Buena Vista Park one afternoon, we discovered Corona Heights Park, a hill with amazing views of the city, which neither of us had ever been too.

double j

see a few more

Market St, between 6th & 7th

I pass by these on my way to work and kind of look forward to seeing them everyday.


Even though these guys are sad faces, there's something about them that make me light up every time I see them. Maybe it's the fact that it's such a simple image yet it makes a really big statement.