cyclocross & big air

I've been bitten by the cyclocross bug. Tis the season for it and I've found myself fascinated by cyclists who ride fast for an hour straight through mud, hills and barricades. I myself have never done it, but really, really want to some day. I was stoked when I found out the 2010 Bike Expo would have a cyclocross race. This would be my first time watching a live race. I couldn't wait to see guys/gals racing through the course covered in mud! Interestingly, it was a warm, sunny, November afternoon, so it turned out to be a dry and dusty race race, rather than a muddy one. Nonetheless, I still thought it was pretty rad watching racers mount/dismount their bikes, hop over barricades and run up hill carrying their machine of choice.

On One


Chica Sexy Kit

Also at the Bike Expo was AT's Showdown, a big air competition featuring guys doing big jumps and awesome tricks up, up in the - yeah, air. AT's Showdown

AT's Showdown

AT's Showdown

If you're so inclined, see more shots on Flickr