HK Street Art

start from zero

Well folks, this'll be my last batch of photos from HK. One of my favorite things to look for on my travels is street art. Not so much graffiti murals or blow ups (unless it's in a style that I like) but more of stickers, stencil art and wheat pasted posters. In a city that embodies mass commercialism and wealth, I find it refreshing to discover an ally or wall filled with art that represents the opposite. Here are some of my favorite pieces: These pieces, along with a few others below were done by Start From Zero.

hk street art
hk street art
hk street art

Far left: Start from Zero, Middle: Graphicairlines, Right: Unknow

This one on the left is done by Graphicairlines. It was awesome to spot their art in other parts of the city. I'm not sure who does the piece on the right, but she was everywhere.

Market St, between 6th & 7th

I pass by these on my way to work and kind of look forward to seeing them everyday.


Even though these guys are sad faces, there's something about them that make me light up every time I see them. Maybe it's the fact that it's such a simple image yet it makes a really big statement.