Sidewalk Gardens


Here's my photo I meant to post for yesterday's Photo of the Day: some succulents I spotted in the Dog Patch. I loved that there are folks who take the time to add some green and beauty to our urban landscape. 3/30/12 // Digital

Sidewalk Gardens

And just for fun, more from the garden.

Terrarium Party!

Succulent Terrarium

Here's a little terrarium I made at Kim's terrarium party recently: Cute right? ;) Since I didn't have time to buy a little clear vase or a glass bowl, I used a little jar I found in my kitchen instead.

Pieces of Driftwood

One of the guys who came (whose name I don't remember, boo on me) brought a bag full of driftwood he had been collecting, perfect for the evening!

Left: Store Bought, Right: Home Grown

Hillary bought a bunch of cute succulents from a gardening store (left), while I picked some from my stoop garden (right).

Kim Makes a Terrarium

Here's Kim working a pair of chopsticks like magic.

Flint Stones Inspired // Hillary

Left: One of Kim's terrariums, which reminded us of the Flint Stones, mostly because of the little dino head shaped driftwood. Right: Hillary and the worktable.