Fun with bleach paint!

Since I'm still waiting on a team kit for my new bike team, I made this rad shirt for my last short-track race of the season! 

Group shot of the team and the only full view of the shirt. Photo by  Victor Dong . 

Group shot of the team and the only full view of the shirt. Photo by Victor Dong

My teammate and I with our winnings! I finished 2nd overall in the series, right behind my amazing teammate Taylor (who happens to be a graphic designer as well).

My teammate and I with our winnings! I finished 2nd overall in the series, right behind my amazing teammate Taylor (who happens to be a graphic designer as well).

DIY Clocks!


Here's an oldie but goodie from 2010 when I use to work with my favorite wrapper Shasta. One of the many perks of working for a design firm is the awesome samples and swag paper companies send. Neenah Paper, for example, sent their lovely paper samples as a clock making kit. Pretty cool right? 35mm film Shasta and I ended up using the same wood grain clock face, but she added a twist by combining the cuckoo clock pattern with the wood grain.


35mm film Here's Shasta cutting and pasting away.


iPhone And here's my mine.


Here's a mask I made for last night's AIGA SF Fall Gala, Mask Appeal. I've been slightly obsessed with drawing and cutting out petals (if you haven't noticed), so it was only natural that I would do the same for this little project.


Lace and Hardwear

Last night's craft night.
DIY Hex Nut Bracelet

Latest diy creations: bracelets! Sam and I had another craft night making these cute bracelets out of strips of lace, twine, and hex nuts. The left hand is yours truly, while the right is modeled by Sam. I love how they turned out, particularly the one made with hex nuts, so I made another for my friend's birthday: this time using amaranth-ish colored hemp cord. The cord brings a nice pop of color and works really well with the brass hex nuts.

To make your own, check out Honest WTF for the tutorial.

Terrarium Party!

Succulent Terrarium

Here's a little terrarium I made at Kim's terrarium party recently: Cute right? ;) Since I didn't have time to buy a little clear vase or a glass bowl, I used a little jar I found in my kitchen instead.

Pieces of Driftwood

One of the guys who came (whose name I don't remember, boo on me) brought a bag full of driftwood he had been collecting, perfect for the evening!

Left: Store Bought, Right: Home Grown

Hillary bought a bunch of cute succulents from a gardening store (left), while I picked some from my stoop garden (right).

Kim Makes a Terrarium

Here's Kim working a pair of chopsticks like magic.

Flint Stones Inspired // Hillary

Left: One of Kim's terrariums, which reminded us of the Flint Stones, mostly because of the little dino head shaped driftwood. Right: Hillary and the worktable.

Crafty Times

I made a squirrel for my boo.

Some snapshots from the Etsy Craft Party: I made this squirrel for my dude. It's soooooo cute!

Cut it up

Some scissors from the Go Go Craft table.

Getting plushie.

I pretty much hung out at the Go Go Craft table all evening making these little guys. Turns out working with felt and making a little stuff animals is easy and fun.

ShastaBlasta & Moi

Shasta and I with our tiny creatives.


Sam with a delicious cake ball.

Pies in Jars!

Pies in Jars from the bake sale benefitting Kelly Malone of Workshop. I meant to buy on these but on my way to get cash, I got distracted and started crafting instead. By the time I remembered to go back, they were all gone of course. Ahhhh, next time.

Misfits plushie & Jeremy

Lastly, here's a photo of Jeremy with his awesome Misfits plushie. It was impressive to watch him sew multiple pieces in a short of time.

DIY Headboard!

DIY Headboard

Two years ago, after being inspired by a ReadyMade project, Chris and I decided to make a headboard from an old door. We headed to Building REsources here in SF and scored an old used door in good condition for a mere $15.00. Chris sanded off all the old paint and afterwards we stained it together to bring out it's natural wood finish. (I wish I had a before picture!) Fast forward to 2009: We finally got around to adding a little color to the headboard, check it out:

DIY Headboard

Fun stuff right? I totally love it and it brings a nice touch of subtle color into the room.


Here's the process: Turn over the headboard and wipe off any dust.


Apply blue painters tape along edges and newspapers.


Apply paint.


Let it drip.


Allow it to dry.


Review the piece.

We thought this was pretty cool start, but felt it needed just a little more color.


So we did a little color mixing and applied a light green color over the dark green.


Once it was completely dry, we wiped off any excess dust before applying an antique wax finish. When we did this, thicker parts of the paint chipped off, giving us texture that added to the overall aesthetic.


Next we turned the headboard right side up to apply 3 coats of the antique wax (let wax dry at least an hour between coats)


Here's a trick from ReadyMade: placing a thick rubber band over the opening can help wipe off excess wax/paint/liquid from the foam brush.

DIY Headboard

Finished product. For under $50.00 (or so), we made this pretty awesome headboard.