3x2 | Wild

3x2 | Wild

Left: Moi // Right: Elisabeth Arin

For our latest 3x2, Elisabeth and I got a little wild. While it was personally a bit challenging to shoot this theme, it was really awesome to see how we each interpreted it.

Palm Springs Sneak Peek


This weekend my friends and I did a ladies trip to Palm Spring! It was an awesome three days of spending time with some of my favorite people in one of the hottest places in California. While I've lived in California my whole life, this was my first trip to the desert, and I gotta say, it was a ton of fun! Here are my Instagram photos from the trip. My camera photos will hopefully be ready soon :) A giant t-rex in Cabazon

Del Marcos

The Del Marcos, one of the best places ever!

In love with this hotel!

A snapshot from our room.

Road Side Attractions

The ladies

A day in the desert

The desert

It's Been a While

Hey gang, sorry for the lack of posts. It's been a crazy few weeks of working long hours, fighting off colds and celebrating with friends. My Photo Of The Day and other randomness will resume back next week. Until then enjoy this (temporary) neighborhood gem: