Last Friday one of my photos once again made it on to the curated VSCO Grid! I'm again so elated and honored. Having my photos selected to be on this grid is a total boast of encouragement as one of my big goals for 2014 is to up my photography skills and add a photography section on my site. I know I use to post a lot of photos on my blog and I'm planning to bring that back. For now keep up with me on Instagram or my VSCO feed for my latest mobile photos.


With Honor

One of my photos has been selected for the Curated VSCO Grid! The Curated VSCO Grid is filled with beautiful and inspiring photographs, so I'm flattered and honored to have a photo on the grid. 



49 Mile Scenic Ride


Here's the poster I designed for Artcrank SFO 2013. This was inspired by my bike rides around Twin Peaks and the old, weathered 49 Mile Scenic Drive signs up there. It was a real treat to showcase my work along with other amazing and talented Bay Area designers. 



Happy 2014


Here's to another year of adventures, bike rides, trying new things and living life to the fullest!


The Ruins

Last week I did a solo photo walk at the Sutro Baths Ruins. SF has had some gorgeous sunsets lately, so I headed over there late afternoon with my with my iPhone and Polaroid Land camera. I have yet to scan my polaroid photos, but here the ones I captured with my phone, processed with the VSCO app.

Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths

The Marin Headlands, just across the bay.

Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths

Tiny surfers out at sea.

Sutro Baths
Sutro Baths

Where the public baths one stood.

Recent Work: Happy Hour Poster

Here's a poster I did for last night's DAI Alumni Night happy hour. It was fun catching up with 'ol college chums as well meeting alumni from other graduating classes. 


Photo Walk

On a photo walk with @shastablastawraps & @itsmeshawn

Last weekend, I went on a super fun photo walk with my pals, Shawn and Shasta. We loaded up our Polaroid Land cameras and headed over to the Marin Headlands! More photos to come soon.


A couple weeks back, yours truly was featured on Eleanor's blog for their TGIF Interview! I'm super flattered to be featured on such a cute and stylish bike blog. Check it out: HERE , and while you're there, poke around a bit, it's a great resource for biking with style.

Summer Summer

Take your jorts off. (latergram or whatever)

Take your jorts off and go for a swim. 


jump in This ain't no summer bummer (labor day wknd edition)

The water is waiting for you. 


Swing Kids

Swing Kids

Swing ride from the First City Music Festival carnival in Monterey, CA

Yours truly doin' stuff.

Yours truly doin' stuff.

Summer has been non stop! I've been traveling a bunch and taking a million pictures! I've got so much to scan and filter through. Here's a little snippet taken by the Mister of yours truly in action.

Road Trip


Looking for places that don't exist. 


Spotted an old Muni Bus in the Nevada desert.